Chronic pain affects the mind, body and spirit. If managed properly the chronic pain body can achieve amazing feats. Be it big ambitious sporting feats or humble ambitious goals with proper education, empathy and physical ttherapeutic treatment, specific rehabilitation programs can change the disabling reality of the chronic pain suffer.

I have been developing Specialist Pain Relief for the last 11 years. Education, qualification and developing resilience to a life in pain has been difficult. It's difficult to accept physical limitations. 2018 is my 5th year trading as a business. The satisfaction in helping people heal, deal, manage and sometimes recover completely from chronic pain is unlike any professional gratification I have experienced. It hasn't been easy but it has been worth it.

Chronic pain persists when there are mechanical misalignments in the body. Difficulties walking, cycling, running, working, getting in and out of cars, sitting for periods of time can disrupt the pleasure of life. The accomplishments that can be achieved in one Specialist Pain Relief session can have humbling yet powerful effects. Respect, trust and confidence in care guaranteed.

Chronic back pain usually has multiple factors to its cause. Due to the intensity and sometimes extreme muscle contraction, a deep tissue isolation with precision muscle tracking technique is applied. Chronic Pain compromises lives.

Specialist Pain Relief focuses on the benefits of Rehabilitation as well as physical treatment.














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